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We are a family owned brewery with deep-seated roots in Americana culture. Our passion for making real beer is reflected in every pint we pour. We stick to traditional styles and use only real ingredients to ensure every sip is worth savoring. Simply stated, we make real beer for real people.

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Berthoud Brewing delivers the most consistent, drinkable products featuring only real ingredients from an unapologetic, Americana inspired brewery.

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Berthoud Brewing is committed to tradition, but we love to have some fun with it too. You'll see many traditional styles, along with some new age styles. We can have up to 20 different beers at a time.

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Berthoud Brewing Co. is a family owned brewery with deep-seeded roots in Americana culture, who bring a passionate, take-no-shortcuts approach. We hold an honest and stubborn commitment to shirk trends, stick to traditional styles, use only real ingredients, and simply make real beer, for real people. At Berthoud Brewing Co., we believe that beer should be brewed the right way. That's why we take great pride in using only the finest ingredients and traditional brewing techniques to craft our beer. Our team of experienced brewers are dedicated to producing high-quality, great-tasting beer that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

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1480 Cascade Ave
Loveland, CO


Monday-Thursday 2:00-9:00
Friday-Saturday 12:00-10:00
Sunday 12:00-9:00