• Interior, bar area
  • Different types of food and beer on the table
  • Exterior
  • Pizza with extra cheese and vegetables
  • Staff member pouring beer

Who we are

About us

Berthoud Brewing started in the little town of Berthoud in 2014. In the years since there have been a lot of recipes brewed and a lot of good times shared. July of 2019 saw us get our brewing operations running in Loveland, allowing us to grow our production. Now, you can find us in liquor stores, restaurants, golf courses, and taprooms across the State of Colorado.

We pursue great beer and we seek to engage beer lovers of any kind, regardless of preference. There are some pretty exclusionary and self-righteous aspects of the craft beer world, and we have no interest in it. It’s not about the culture, it’s about the beer.

Channel our classic Americana soul into producing traditional styles of approachable, drinkable beers, with only real ingredients, that appeal to every kind of drinker.